Screenings and discussion on the situation in Ukraine: filmed interviews and a documentary by the Freefilmers collective, and a talk by a member of the anti-authoritarian Solidarity Collectives network. Free admission, but donations to the Solidarity Collectives very welcome!


19.00 doors open, t-shirts etc. for sale in support of the Solidarity Collectives

19.30 screening 1: ”Beautiful texts do not stop rockets” (12 min). An interview with a fighter of the Resistance Committee, an anarchist initiative of soldiers who fight as a part of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

19.45 screening 2: ”International medical crew: foreign volunteers in Bakhmut” (12 min). An interview with international volunteers who organized a medical evacuation crew in Bakhmut.

20.00 screening 3: ”My favourite job” (2022, 32 min). An experimental film that chronicles the operations of volunteer drivers that engaged in the evacuation of civilians from Mariupol during the spring of 2022, amid constant shellings and the city’s siege by Russian troops. The film comprises footage from mobile phone videos made by volunteers, the filmmaker’s personal archive, and animated models, serving as evidence of the war’s effect on the prohibition of visual documentation of Mariupol

21.00 discussion: a member of Solidarity Collectives Ukraine talks about the practices and work done as an anti-authoritarian collective in war.

22.00 Kirjakahvila closes


Solidarity Collectives is a volunteer network that supports anti-authoritarian soldiers fighting off the Russian invasion of Ukraine, provides help to civilians who have suffered from the war, and spreads information about what is currently going on in Ukraine.


Freefilmers is a cinemovement and NGO whose principal goals are: making films as alert and sensitive to the reality as possible with main focus in human life and struggle for equality and freedom, promotion of independent filmmaking and grassroots initiatives in political arts, and resistance to colonial policies, imperialism, capitalism and patriarchy.