Kirjakahvilan Turku Pride -etkoilla perjantaina 26.8. valmistaudutaan lauantain marssille, opetellaan DJ-soiton alkeita ja tanssataan! // Preparing for the march on Saturday, learning DJ’ing basics, dancing – come to our pink & black pre-party on Friday the 26th of August!

Ei pääsymaksua, ei ikärajaa, ei natseja! // Free admission, all ages, no nazis!



14–18 käsityökerho // craft circle
Glitterbögät kuntoon ja homopätsit hihaan Kirjiksen kässäkerholaisten kanssa. // Fix your glitter pants and make DIY patches with Kirjakahvila’s craft circle folks.

15.00 pride-kylttipaja // banner workshop
Ohjattu kylttipaja klo 15–17, sen jälkeen DIY. // Come make your own ”Ei pinkkiä ilman mustaa”, ”Homosaatio never stops” or ”[insert your own queer slogan]” sign or banner. Materials provided by Kirjakahvila (although you can bring your own sheets etc. too). Guidance available from 15 to 17, after that it’s DIY.

16–19 DJ-työpaja // workshop
DJ Fake Fagin pienimuotoisessa työpajassa käydään läpi DJ-soiton alkeet ja tarvittavat laitteistot. Työpajassa käsitellään tietokoneella soittamista, joten oma läppäri mukaan (mikäli mahdollista). Työpajaan mahtuu 5–10 henkeä, ilmoittautumiset sähköpostitse: distraction ÄT riseup PISTE net. // This workshop walks us through the basics of and the equipment needed for digital DJing (bring your own laptop, if possible). The workshop is limited to 5–10 attendees. Sign up by email: distraction AT riseup DOT net.

18–21 kynsisalonki // nail salon
Kynsiin kimallusta lauantain marssille. // Are you ready for fabulosity?

19.00 DJ music (Horstiina ny ainaski)

22.00 Danceoke by DJ Fake Fag
Danceoke is kind of like karaoke, but instead of singing we dance, and unlike in karaoke, where you usually sing alone or with a single partner, in danceoke we all take the dance floor together. For some of us, it’s really difficult to dance publicly in clubs or other dance parties, especially if you feel awkward about your body, about the way you look and the way you move. It’s not just the cisheteropatriarchal mainstream clubs, but even in DIY queer feminist parties it can be hard to just let go and dance your heart out because of normative expectations. The pressure to look and act in a certain way, to know the ”right” and ”cool” ways of moving and dancing, can be extremely frustrating. There are many of us, who just can’t do it, not in public. In danceoke, we don’t really have to worry about anyone else anymore. Instead of staring at other people on the dance floor, we all stare at the screen and try to copy the moves on the music videos or dance videos (or, if we don’t feel like dancing after all, we can just entertain ourselves by watching the videos, since they are usually kinda cool as it is!). Do your best, do your worst, exaggerate, have fun! In other words, danceoke is about reclaiming the dance floor, it’s about bodily empowerment, and it’s about community.

★ 23.00 DJ music

★ 00.00 vällyjen alle // time to go home and rest, tomorrow we march!

Kirjakahvilan kesätapahtumia 2022 tukee Elävän musiikin säätiö ELMU sr.