Kirjakahvilan marraskuun näyttelynä

Eco Pics

This photo exhibition is a result of the youth exchange Eco Pics in Vaasa/Sundom, Finland the 14th – 21st of August, 2010. Participants from six different countries gathered to discuss questions linked to water using non-formal learning methods and photography as a tool. The participating countries were Finland, Norway, Romania, Russia (Volgograd), Georgia and Armenia. The involved youth organisations were SÖU, IOGT Tippetue, Centrul de Voluntariat Resita, Volgograd Association of girl scouts, International Youth Association “Quant”, ICIRLD and Armenia Tree Project.

Three themes were given for the photos that were taken either by the participants in the youth exchange or by participants in the youth organisations involved. The pictures are mainly taken in the six countries participating in the youth exchange.

The themes were all linked to water and were given as following:

1) what kind of environmental problems do you have in your country?
2) what kind of solutions to these problems exist in your country?
3) what do you appreciate in your surrounding nature?

The young people were free to interpret the themes from their own point of view.