Kesäkaudella 2022 Brinkkalan pihan ulkoilmakirpputoreja järjestetään lauantaisin 14.5., 11.6., 9.7., 30.7., 20.8., 17.9. ja sään salliessa vielä 1.10. Lisäksi punk-kirppis Punx for Seitan -festareilla la 6.8.

Tervetuloa myymään tarpeetonta, ostamaan tarpeellista tai vaikka vain jätskille ja virvokkeille Kirjiksen terassille DJ:n soittaessa myynnissä olevia levyjä!

Myyntipaikat ovat maksuttomia, ei ilmoittautumista. Paikalle voi saapua klo 11 alkaen, kirppis on avoinna klo 12–15. Oma pöytä tai viltti mukaan. Brinkkalan pihassa ei ole parkkipaikkoja.

Lisätietoa: kirppis (ät) kirjakahvila (piste) org.


In the summer season of 2022 the Brinkkala open air flea markets are organised on Saturdays 14 May, 11 June, 9 July, 30 July, 20 August, 17 September and, weather permitting, 1 October. There’ll also be a punk flea market at the Punx for Seitan Fest on 6 August.

Come sell what you no longer need, buy something you’ve been looking for – or just have a snack and something to drink under the summer sun while DJs play records that are for sale at the flea market!

No registrations or reservations, vending spaces are free of charge. You can come set up your space from 11 onwards, the flea market is open from 12 to 15. Bring your own table or blanket. There’s no parking in the Brinkkala yard.


The first Saturday flea market at Kirjakahvila was held in 10 November 2012, organised by two of our volunteers who loved going to flea markets in general. December was skipped due to the Old Great Square Christmas Fair taking place every weekend, and then the monthly event started properly in January 2013. During the first few months, a local punk/heavy rocker and a scifi enthusiast called Mikko pretty much stole the show getting rid of their huge record and DVD collection for ridiculously affordable prices.

In the winter months (and when it was raining), the flea market was held inside the café with tables for ten or so sellers, and in the summer the event spread out to the Brinkkala courtyard as well. DJs have been an important part of the summer flea markets from the start, filling the courtyard with music from records for sale.

The monthly Saturday flea market went on until summer 2016, when the two volunteers committed to running the whole thing came to the conclusion that doing the event every month was too much work for just a few people and that they’d rather take care of the summer yard sales alone. No indoors flea markets were held in the autumn of that year, but in February 2017 a few new volunteers brought them back. In summer 2017, a new concept (to us, at least!) was introduced from Berlin: Kirjakahvila’s Nachtflohmarkt ran from 18 to 21, after which DJs took to the stage.

In 2018, the summer flea markets were held in the afternoons, from 14 to 18, and in 2019 the monthly concept was dropped again. Ever since, the Saturday flea markets have been organized only during the summer months, again from 12 to 15.

A throwback to the very first Saturday flea market (Kirjakahvila’s Pultti zine #1, Nov 2012).