Queer people are often seen as existing in opposition to the domestic. Domesticity is a heteronormative nuclear family that queers threaten. In this way domesticity is a concept that is often kept from queer people. However to me the domestic sphere is a very important part of queer life, it is often the only place that we can organise according to our own values and joy. For me so much of queer life is concerned with relationships to other queer people. Heteronormativity is very focused on the nuclear family, and tries to decentralize other relationships. Friendships, casual sex, non-monogamous relationships are all relationships that are put on the side-lines.

In this series of work I explore some different kinds of domestic situations that to me are very important to queer life. They are snippets of the lives of me and the people I know, as well as the people we wish we were. Queerness to me is about the different kinds of families we can have and the different ways we can live in community with each other, even more than it is about sexuality.

Arwen Meereboer