Ohj. // dir. Alexandra Dols | FR 2017 | 113 min | languages: French & English & Arabic with English subtitles | https://beyondthefrontlines.com

Dokkarinäytös ja keskustelu 24.1. klo 19.00 alkaen. Elokuva on tekstitetty englanniksi ja myös keskustelu käydään englanniksi. // Join us for a screening and discussion on January 24th at 19.00.

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Synopsis: ”Beyond the frontlines” takes us on a journey both within our own minds and on the roads of Palestine, led by Palestinian psychiatrist and writer Dr. Samah Jabr. An heiress to anti-colonial psychiatrist Dr. Frantz Fanon, she exposes the psychological strategies of the Israeli occupation and their consequences, and the ways in which Palestinians have learned to cope. In this multi-voiced movie, interviews and columns are intertwined together with poetic escapes suggesting the invisible dimension of Palestinian streets and landscapes. From this fragmented Palestine, women and men holding multiple identities share their stories of resistance and resilience. These women and men represent a diversity of identities, religions, sexual orientations, political cultures, social backgrounds and geographical origins. For everyday colonization does not only involve occupying land, homes, the sky or water; it does not seek to impose its rule through weapons only – it molds the minds as well, beyond the frontlines.