Anarchist Reading Circle begins in Turku in February!

Turku Anarchist Black Cross will host the first meeting in Kirjakahvila on Tuesday, 7th Feb, from 5 to 7 PM (17–19). Everyone is invited!

Anarchism is once again going through a surge in popularity worldwide, but the vast volume of anarchist literature still remains obscure and widely misunderstood. This reading group aims to provide a collective space to explore this long and vibrant tradition. 

If you’ve ever wanted to know more about anarchism, come along! 

We will meet twice every month to discuss both classic and modern anarchist texts covering a broad range of topics including history, social theory, political tactics, community organizing methods, art production, intersections with queer, feminist, POC and global south political traditions, and much more. The group will also provide a space to discuss contemporary issues through a specifically anarchist lens.

Our first meeting will focus on an introductory text by Peter Marshall. You will be able to download it via the link:

Language of the reading circle is English.

Anarkistinen musta risti Turku / Turku Anarchist Black Cross


Accessibility: The Book Café is located at the Brinkkala courtyard, which is paved with round cobblestones. Two steps up and two down lead into the café. Toilets are not gendered, but also not wheelchair accessible. There is no obligation to buy, and water and the use of toilets are always free to all. Please avoid using scents.

Safer space policy: Respect everyone’s self-identification. Do not touch, stare, take pictures, or ask personal questions without consent. Address everyone with the name and pronoun they use of themself. If anyone or anything makes you feel uncomfortable or if you witness harassment, please contact the Kirjakahvila staff.